My first time getting flowers?!! πŸ˜

What a wonderful day is today! I’ve never felt so happy before this! Thanks to my besties!!! Aina Adlina & Hansy!!! I always wonder, why do women loveeee getting flowers? Like what?! You know its gonna die after few days right?  Like how does it feels like? Excited? Happy? 

Well, now I know..

The moment you get the flowers, you will eventually think, why would someone buy me flowers? Eventhough, its obvious that the flowers gonna die later? hmm, why would someone spend so much money on me? like you can afford yourself a dinner and lunch?! So, you get what the feeling of getting flowers looks like? FEELING APPRECIATED. 

Yaa, thats it. Thank you again girls! 😭❀️  

SPM Results in just 8 Days!!!Β 

So basically, in just 192 hours I’ll be taking my results at my secondary school, MRSM Alor Gajah. I’ve been studying there for 5 years. THIS SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME. I can’t even sleep you know ( jk i slept but then i woke up at 3:40AM smtg, and started to overthink about my bf and my SPM results ) and cannot sleep until now. Haih, it’s wednesday already and it’s 6:54AM. IM SO NERVOUS. I hope Allah sees my Efforts & Duas. And grant me with the best results ever, Ameen. 

All I want is to see my parents smiling and crying all the way because they are so proud of me. Hm, I really hope that Allah swt fullfill my Duas. 

Just to make it clear, I’m not scared with my SPM results. I’m just scared if I’m gonna make my parents upset because they gave me everything. More than I could’ve ever asked for. In many ways. Money, Love, Efforts. Its more than enough!!! 😭

And, tbfh, I’m not that smart like Its really hard for me to get 3.5 for every exams. Maybe I wasnt serious in study but this year, I, Myself, am really confident that I’ve put all of my EFFORTS OUT. I tried my best. Insha Allah and Tawakal, I believe that Allah will Fulfill My Duas. But there’s one thing that makes me worry, It’s my prayers and my relationship with Allah. I didn’t took care of it like I always do ( like in boarding school) Which, we always perform our prayers together (In malay, they called it ‘Solat Jemaah’), Read Qurans, Tazkirah, and Solat Sunat. This makes me WORRIED, because my teacher and parents always remind me that,  If you want Allah to fulfill your Duas. First, you must fulfill His wishes. Which is the prayers, Sedekah and etc. Hm, I will definitely do something about this. 
Ya Allah, I just hope that you can fulfill my wishes and Doa. Ameen.

Yay! I’m officially 18! πŸ˜±

23/03/17- just wanted this day to be remembered! I really had fun on my birthday. Thanks to my parents, bestfriends; Hansy, Nooni, Aishah, Aina, Yantze! and my man 😘 for making my birthday, a great day! 
Whatever it is, my cake was the highlight of the day man! 😍 

Thank you to Aina & Aishah for the presents! 😍 also my man πŸ’œ

Thank you guys, I’m so terharu! Love you guys so very much❀️